micro768_48642145_l-2015Today’s technology uses: micro-controllers, embedded systems, micro-fabrication and most excitingly the “Internet-of-things (IoT)“. Your firm’s internal technology or new product design might include sensors, control, monitoring, reporting, and human-machine or machine-machine interaction. A new project will need to pull from multiple technology areas such as Software Development, Embedded Systems, Web-based Control Applications, and IP Networking. A new system might employ expertise in mechanical, electrical, software engineering or knowledge of optical, mathematics, physics, chemical, telephony and artificial intelligence.

MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY utilizes Networked Micro-controllers using Embedded Linux Systems with Custom Software Engineering. Our programming implements in well supported languages from C, C++, PHP, Python, Javascript, HTML, and NodeJS. We are experienced in Web-Based GUI Control, Analysis & Modeling, Data Modeling, and Statistical Classifiers.

WorldNetwork_2769310_l-2015The  Internet-of-Things (IoT)  is any network of smart physical objects that communicate control and sensory data allowing an expansion of Internet-connected automation into a multitude of new application areas. Current estimates indicate that IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020.  Smart object include vehicles, buildings and other devices embedded with electronics, environmental sensors, actuators, control mechanisms, cameras, health monitoring, pet and livestock monitoring, field operation devices, industrial metering, and autonomous robots. Various Network Connectivity (from WiFi to Cellular) enables these smart objects to collect and exchange data.

Each smart object contains an embedded computer system or micro-controller yet is able to inter-operate utilizing existing Internet technology, in a mixture of hardware, software, data and service.

girl768_21518251_l-2015The interconnection of these embedded devices (smart objects), may enable advanced applications such as smart homes, smart warehousing, smart factories, smart hospitals, and smart grids covering areas to make smart cities.  Typically, IoT is expected to bring advanced connectivity of devices and systems to a seamless interactive level.


Current market examples include smart thermostat systems and washer/dryers that use Wi-Fi for remote monitoring. IoT is one of the platforms of today’s Smart City, and Smart Energy Management Systems.