Past Projects

A company had a glitch in a product with vendor software. MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY quickly learned enough to solve the glitch and saved the company a quarter of a million dollars in avoiding returns of the product.


A forensics supply company wanted an intelligent light source for identifying blood, fingerprints and other substances at crime scenes, but current options required a large array with cooling fans. The company also wanted to be able to flip a switch to change the light source quickly for finding different substances, such as blood, fingerprints or mucus. MEANSTRIDE found small, workable components and wrote new software to make them work together.

MEANSTRIDE developed an economically viable system for an entrepreneur who wanted fast-food restaurant managers to receive immediate alerts to a freezer malfunction. The commercial systems available were extremely expensive. Within days, MEANSTRIDE presented a cheaper working prototype that could avoid the loss of thousands of dollars of stored frozen food.