Custom Design

MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY can analyze your company’s opportunities and needs to provide you with a range of options. We suggest the simplest solutions when possible to address problems that technology can solve. Where technical hardware and software does not exist, we can provide custom designs.

Efficient Solutions

When custom design is not needed MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY solutions can suggest off-the-shelf parts and free-to-use software to save your company money and time. We use open-source software that is easily modified to your specific project, reducing costs and risk. This approach also avoids licensing restrictions or resale limitations while not compromising your needs or project quality.


MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY will prototype your project interactively with your staff to allow mid-course corrections to design. A prototype will be tested and technical specifications provided. Interactive development will assure that the users will understand the process that underlies their use of the product. We employ Waterfall, Iterative and Incremental Models of the Software Development Life Cycle  for new software creation. Where possible we employ new micro-fabrication techniques for a scalable target design for new hardware.


MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY will test all aspects of the prototype system including hardware, software and training to ensure a smooth startup. We will advise on production application to reduce risk, inspire user confidence, and provide maximum return on investment.


  • Create a custom design
  • Pull from off-the-self available parts
  • Use widely available, unrestricted open-source equipment
  • Optimize the cost of a unit
  • Provide technical specifications
  • Prototype
  • Test all aspects of a system from hardware to software to integration
  • Advise on production scalability to get the best ROI and reduce risk