MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY can help you bring an idea to life or overcome a business challenge. We are creative, flexible and effective. We can create your next product line, bridge gaps in a project and help select strategic development paths. We will prototype, test, optimize and update systems specifically tailored for your technological challenge. Your project might be small or large, singular or complex.

MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY combines the scientific disciplines of math, physics and software engineering with the latest hardware and software technologies. We approach challenges strategically from your user’s point of view. We engineer innovative solutions, customizing available materials and software where practical. Our solutions are built around your timetable and budget. MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY assures you of confidentiality while working closely with your markets and your suppliers.

Before you decide that a project is impractical or too costly,  contact MEANSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY. Whether you need a new product introduction or face a technology logjam, you can take advantage of our extensive experience with both large and small corporations. We approach creative solutions with a rebel’s eye and can bend technology to the client’s will.